-Falling Lines

Falling Lines

-Gizelle Attitude

Gizelle Attitude

Aerials and Shacks

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PRESENTED BY : Thomarts Gallery


R 86,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Mixed Media on Hessian material
Height 185.00 cm
Width 114.00 cm
Year 2020

Aerials that the artist sees on shacks are a humor  and part of the informal architecture that attracts him. The lines of communication and being connected to the entire world are a consolation and hope for life and its being in  a congested society. These become the artist's metaphor to that of spiritual connection: In that no matter how hopeless our situations or others' could be, there is always beauty and hope around and in us. The proportionate beauty in the executions of his pieces become a valued asset in loosening the darker side of life. After all there's already too much darkness around and about us. 

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