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Still Elegant

Amy Simons

Herein Lies My Heart

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Medium Watercolour on Fabriano Paper
Height (cm) 100
Width (cm) 70
Artist Amy Simons
Year Created 2019

Queer Love and the Female Gaze

`Herein Lies My Heart' is a love poem, an act of abandon. This work is a part of her new solo show, `Intimate Imprints - Holding You in the Spaces Between Us' in which the artist enshrines the female form through a queer female gaze.

Within the Amniotic

Throughout this body of work, I have used the motif of a womb or an egg. I have placed my female figures inside an amniotic membrane that although vulnerable and fragile is, for a moment in time, holding. As the embryo forms and gestates, I am interested in returning to the process of forming, un-forming and re-forming. 

This body of work crosses over memories of love and separation that have begun to recall the process of being in utero (merging) and being born (separation). It has been both through intimacy and grief that I have been confronted with this process of dissolution, re-membering and forming.

In these moments, I am interested in the process of holding and allowing myself to be held, and the process and the pain of letting go. 

These artworks are memories, intimacies and vulnerabilities and explore the liminal and the still-forming spaces within. This process has called me to turn toward the liminal space of the amniotic fluid and to sit inside the wound, the vulnerability and the dissolution. I am interested in what might happen when we make these most intimate parts of ourselves visible. 

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