Bonfece Cele

Bonfece Cele

Bonfece Cele (1970) is a master ukhamba and iqhabanga* artist from Eshowe, KZN, who moved to Durban in 1990. Cele grew up watching his grandfather make wire ukhamba bowls, but it was only in 2014 that he decided to quit his job as a truck driver and become a full-time artist. Cele brought new meaning to the title 'self-taught' when he embarked on an 11-month process of self-training and practice at his home in KwaMashu.

Cele's inspiration can be attributed to countries he visited as a truck driver such as Tunisia, DRC, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho. Cele prides himself on his original patterns and colour combinations.

*"I differ from other ukhamba artists because I am very particular about how my colours match, and my work is clean, almost flawless."

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