Fonseca & Mokgata

Fonseca & Mokgata

Fonseca & Mokgata is the collaborative artistic practice of Carla Fonseca and Nthato Mokgata, based on experimentation with various mediums to describe societal trauma and the elusive fantasy of freedom.

F&M Studio has developed an interest in describing both violence as a language as well as the “violence of language” in the context of post colonial/apartheid Africa. Fonseca & Mokgata create works combining digital design with various sculpture, moulding and painting techniques resulting in intricate, vivid, hand crafted works.

Carla Fonseca (b. 1989) received a BA honours degree in Performance Art and Theatre Making from the University of Cape Town. Her artistic practice has produced numerous performance, video art, as well as theatre pieces focused on South Africa’s historical and current societal traumas for over a decade.

Nthato Mokgata (b. 1985) has his formal education is in graphic and multimedia design. He has spent the past 15 years as an active graphic and sound designer, visual artist, musician, and filmmaker. His artistic practice has focussed on challenging notions of reconciliation, history, self-determination, nationhood, identity, and pan-Africanism.

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There are currently no artworks by this artist available on Latitudes. Please contact [email protected] if you would like us to source works.