Naomi Momoh

Naomi Momoh was born in Nigeria and is now based in Philadelphia. She is a sculpture artist with a focus on fiber art techniques and manipulations. She was introduced to crotchet at eight years old and was surrounded by bright textiles in Nigeria, which influenced her interest in fibers and fabric. Her work investigates the intersections between race and gender from the point of view of her childhood. Traumas experienced during her childhood, due to these chaotic intersections are expressed through - physical deconstruction of toys / poetic deconstruction of children’s literature / fabric printing / intuitive sewing. Attempts to rebuild these memories and reconcile with her present. These memories are soft scraps / jagged soft forms colliding/ incomplete text that represent this cycle.

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There are currently no artworks by this artist available on Latitudes. Please contact [email protected] if you would like us to source works.