Scott Eric Williams is a self-taught artist from Cape Town and 2019 Andrew Mellon Award winning artist. Williams uses diverse media, which range from sculpture with recycled materials and weaving to zines and Wheatpaste street art. Williams is moved to create empathetic work, with an intention to contemplate experiences of migration, land, hope and trade within urbanist contexts. As a solo artist he has exhibited at Eclectica Contemporary, Gallery MOMO, Dyman Contemporary, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale and UCT Michaelis – amongst others. As a founding member of the collective Burning Museum (2012-2015) Williams’ work is strongly characterized by themes of archive, remembrance and marginalized histories. Burning Museum have exhibited at The Centre for African Studies – UCT, Brundyn+, Kunsthaus Dresden and on the streets of Cape Town. His other work includes Youth Facilitation at The District Six Museum, Research & Multimedia Archiving at Africa South Art Initiative and writing for various digital and print platforms.

1980 -

Nationality: South African

Residence: Cape Town