Siphamandla "Ex" Oscar Mngwango was born in Vryheid in July 1987. He went to school at Kanye Kanye High School, where he matriculated in 2007.  Since he was a child he loved to draw. From an early age, he chose to use art as an outlet to share his perspective and ideas. His intimate closeness to his grandmother has influenced his lyrics and art, as 'Ex' is his pseudonym adopted from years of passionately devoting himself to producing hip hop underground music. He draws his inspiration from the beauty he finds in women, which resonates with the beauty he sees in his grandmother.

He paints women, mostly. He finds them to be the most interesting subject, like a "Blue Rose". They are a mystery. His medium consists of colourful acrylics, oil paint and charcoal on canvas. Because of his background,  it was easy for him to become part of the community of artists at August House, and learn from them. This has aided him in terms of developing his own style.

Siphamandla has participated in various group shows such as the 2018 Thami Mnyele Fine Art Award group show, the MTN UJ Top 10 emerging artists group show and recently, the launch of "Riboville Boutique Hotel" group show. 

1987 -

Nationality: South Africa

Residence: Johannesburg