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Lebo Thoka

Black of my Flesh

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Edition Size 30
Medium Digital Archival Photograph
Height (cm) 80
Width (cm) 100
Artist Lebo Thoka
Year Created 2020
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PRESENTED BY : David Krut Projects


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“The figure Black Mary is the central character who is the leader of the continued exploration of black womanhood within patriarchal and theological structures, and how the reclamation of its agency destabilises the ideals of what divinity is and who is valuable by human definitions. When it comes to reinterpreting religious scenes the simple action of changing a colour scheme begins to subvert the Eurocentric ideals that have set in stone the face of divinity and who it belongs to. To de-centre the normalised narrative of Western standards within the realm of celestial exploration, and begin to explore black womanhood with just as much grandiosity, just as much power, and limitlessness is to also examine the lived realities, and oppressive systems faced across the African diaspora.” – Lebo Thoka