Anna Seed-Peregrinate



Mountain and Lake

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PRESENTED BY : Incognito Art House


R 7,000.00 ex. vat
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Edition Size 0
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Height 72.00 cm
Width 62.00 cm
Artist BVI

This painting was created using acrylic on canvass, and is currently unframed. Incognito Art House will gladly quote and arrange for framing upon enquiry.

BVI was born in 2020 to an affluent imagination as an alias and alter ego to a “Real Artist”. The ever-enigmatic BVI is a brainchild selected from submissions by a covert group of emerging, mid-career and famous, practicing contemporary artists.

This Alias, BVI, is an early representative of the newly launched Incognito Art House Project. This experimental artist-run initiative playfully prods at ideas around the commodification of identity, market accessibility, artist sustainability and the effect of market and/or investor expectation on the artist’s creative autonomy.

The purpose of this invented persona is to grant the artist from whence it came complete autonomy in the creative process. Removing the artist’s identity creates a buffer between artist and marketplace. “Real Artists” are thus offered a reprieve from the responsibility of maintaining a career trajectory and preserving their “brand”. This allows them to be playful and experimental, producing work far removed from their usual repertoire without fear of reproach by the unwritten rules of the system.

The works produced for the Incognito project are also sold at a standardised price point, levelling the playing field among artists and offering the public a rare opportunity to affordably own quality, curated, contemporary art. Artists, in turn, can give back generously to art admirers during this challenging time.

For more information and updates about the Incognito Project please follow the yellow brick road to our instagram profile @incognitoarthouse.

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