Things you will learn when your father leaves



Coral Bijoux


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Medium Giclée print on cotton rag
Height (cm) 84.1
Width (cm) 59.4
Artist Coral Bijoux
Year Created 2019

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Explorations of `SELF' and the inner fortitude of women - the refusal to remain invisible or to be discard. Artist Coral Bijoux has a deep and enduring connection with the body and its communication and centrality in our existence. As a multi-media and performance artist and sculptor her practice is as rich and diverse as her works and her imagination when it comes to accessing and confronting the challenges female-identifying bodies face in their quest to be here and be fulfilled , to belong. This powerfully engaging work confronts and arrests us so we may re-direct our preconceived ideas and connect with the artist and her vision. She describes how the work is an allegory of the Vanity of the Plastic Spoon which is also the title of the series the photograph is a part of. Spoons appear in the installation throughout, embedding this metaphor deep within. Reflecting on the series and the work the artist recalls how: `Wearing the garment I made from discarded materials - predominantly plastic spoons - was part of the activation of SELF, acknowledgement of my 'wearing the spoon and all it implies", as well as part of my investigation into my own conditioning which creates my identity. After I took it off, I painted it roughly in camouflage colours to hang in space - when you remove your armour'.