Herein Lies My Heart


`Deeply Rooted I'

David Chinyama

Still Elegant

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Medium Mixed media on canvas
Height (cm) 152
Width (cm) 112
Artist David Chinyama
Year Created 2020

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'Central to Our Origins, Stories & Existence As Humans -  Woman As A Mother & Individuated Leader In Her Own Right'. My work is an interpretation of my fascination with symbolism, human traces and the personal universe I live in. Women are central to my own existence and within my culture. I draw on memory, history and context to inform my work which is shaped by re-appropriating cultural memory through familiar materials and objects placed within new contexts. I emphasis on creating works that do not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but that seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, form, color, and textures. I deconstruct states of being, our bodies and charged and ordinary objects, reconstructing them and often including compositions made out of found fabrics that are cut and stitched together to create texture, patterns, unique shapes and form. From the distinct combination of paint, canvass and material, the folds, stitches and creases in these flexible compositions I see characters and stories emerging and highlight integral elements of an aesthetic meant to change with time and gravity'. 

My practice can best be described as a form of adaptation and a response to my surroundings and cultural influences often inspired by my African contemporary culture and upbringing'. David Chinyama is a Toronto based and Zimbabwean born multidisciplinary visual artist whose work is inspired by color, form, movement and texture. His work is a representation of personal fascinations and experiences often shaped by his upbringing and cultural memory of different contemporary African traditions. Working in multi-media, he explores subject matters centered upon aspects of identity, socio-economic, political and religious connotations. These compositions are made out of found fabrics and recycled fibers that are cut, stitched and painted together on canvas to form varying patterns and shapes. His practice can best be described as a form of adaptation and response to personal experiences within varying surroundings of different cultural influences. Working in spontaneous technique and approach, he experiments the use of familiar materials and how they relate to each other when incorporated in different frames that assign to them a new functionality.