South Africa

Nkgopoleng Moloi is a writer, curator and photographer based in Cape Town. She is interested in the spaces we occupy and navigate through and how these influence the people we become. Writing is a tool Moloi uses to understand the world around her and to explore the things she is excited and intrigued by, particularly history, art, language and architecture. She is fascinated by cities; their complexities and their potential.


This project brings together artists whose work, either directly or indirectly, engages the notion of space(s) and its contestations. Each work offers a relational understanding of place; space is recontextualised to think through the laboured and re-enforced edges between land, water and air. Through an amalgam of different mediums —photography, painting and sound—the project presents various questions, among them: what interesting discourse can be generated through thinking of land, water and air as co-mingled, blended and blurred? 

The project will unfold steadily - introducing works by five artists at different points. 

Artists include; 

  1. François- Xavier Gbré
  2. Lidudumalingani
  3. Thero Makepe
  4. Sepideh Mehraban
  5. Nabeeha Mohamed