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Falling Lines

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PRESENTED BY : Thomarts Gallery


R 86,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Mixed media on Hessian material
Height 200.00 cm
Width 89.00 cm
Year 2020

Falling lines is a bird's eye view of most townships,' structures our habitation and grassroots with a history, from the least to the major. The artist's view captures the beauty of the informal architecture that has of long been captured alongside his depictions of  formal architecture. The artist uses these architectural lines as a comparison and metaphors of religiosity, politics and societal differences. In this series, that saw his work in progress extending into the Covid-19 era, the artist draws us into the vulnerability of life's imbalances that are faced by our grassroots as South Africans, the ghetto. As much as our political failure to alleviate lives of others, these structures of livelihood question each and every individual's hearts' conscience: What can l do?

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