Ferial Mohamed

Birth of Venus

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R 14,000.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Height 84.00 cm
Width 59.00 cm
Artist Ferial Mohamed
Year 2022

As Black creatives are often called upon to  address more prevalent matters, such as the socio-economic and cultural impacts of racism, the topic of love is perceived as a soft issue and therefor not significant enough to discuss. ‘The Truth about love’ explores aspects of love, ranging from self-love and to spiritual love, to family love, to romantic love, and calls attention to the importance of love as an aspect of decoloniality. Inspired by the works of social commentator Bell Hooks, this body of work refutes the view that the topic of love should take a back seat to the more overwhelming issues faced by communities of colour,  and explores the ethics of love being the basis of freedom. 

Poem | All About Love (as per Bell Hooks)

Let us not engage in heartbreak. No,

Not at all, I do not dislike you, what has

Given you this ugly idea. I simply don’t trust you

Very much. Not much too much. You are

Incredibly charming but a woman needs to feel

Safe, even while she wants to feel wanted. Get

What I mean? (She slinkers over to the side of

The room he is standing on, touches his cheek

With a graze.)


Makes love uncomfortable don’t it honey, but not

Impossible. Not impossible. (She exhales her


Love is never impossible. Only ill-advised,


Times, surely.

Love is often a bad idea, still who doesn’t take it.

What kind of a god does not take love? Here I stand.

I have been very lonely and very beautiful for very

Long. Today my feet ache. The meal on the table is

Warmed. Yesterday’s lamb curry. A candle because

The electricity is out again. Come, take a seat, (she


Rubs his shoulders), let us eat.


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