Thato Mabaso-All Black

All Black

Thato Mabaso-Flower Children I

Flower Children I

Thato Mabaso

Flower Children II

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PRESENTED BY : Thato Mabaso


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Frame None
Medium Archival exhibition paper - fine art rag
Height (cm) 84.1
Width (cm) 59.4
Artist Thato Mabaso
Year 2021

Kasi Vogue - Township Aesthetic Movement.
‘Celebrating Township Excellence’.

Flower Child is a narrative based on the flower that grows beneath the concrete and ultimately blossoms to the surface. Our Flower Children are the individuals that are never broken down; that manage to spread happiness to others even with the odds stacked against them.

“The corners of our four rooms vibrate with life that shines through dimmed windows. Our two plates have fed a generation, one that has had to stomach what it means to live beyond your means”.

Welcome to a new world: Kasi Vogue - A voice for the people.

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