Shakil Solanki

In bloom with room to grow

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Frame None
Medium Monotype on Fabriano Unica
Height (cm) 70
Width (cm) 44
Artist Shakil Solanki
Year Created 2022

'In bloom with room to grow, I'm only watering the seeds I sowed' I ghost

Solanki interrogates dynamics of intimacy, using the space of a secret garden to explore dualities of tenderness, desire and violence. His experiences as a queer brown man remain central to his practice, with classical Eastern art standing as a prominent source of inspiration. This vernacular is repurposed, encompassing homoerotic dialogues to evoke lush, dreamlike lands, which remain both romantic and discomforting at once. The trope of a secret garden is used as a liminal space, where contrasting emotions of trauma and longing exist hand-in-hand with moments of stillness, using the theme of intimacy as a point of convergence to explore its many dynamics.