Sthenjwa Luthuli-Reaching for the Stars 1/2

Reaching for the Stars 1/2

Filipe Branquinho-Love and hate (Vila Algarve series)

Love and hate (Vila Algarve series)

Ina-Maria Shikongo

Maria Nangula Shikongo

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Edition Size 0
Medium Textile Collage
Height (cm) 163
Width (cm) 124
Artist Ina-Maria Shikongo
Year 2015

As a fashion designer, I started accumulating a lot of off-cuts and did not want to throw them away because of my love for patchwork. When my favorite Aunt was murdered by her late boyfriend, I couldn't attend the funeral because of my pregnancy. Consumed with anger and sadness I decided to rather make a portrait for her using a technique I never used before and that is how I started.

Maria Nangula Shikongo died on 21 March 2015.
This piece is dedicated to my Aunt who was shot on independence day by her ex-boyfriend in a ondigosho (traditional bar out of organic matter or zinc sheets). Meme Nangula is survived by her daughter. Many Namibian Women have passed on in this way, scaring families for life and breeding deep hatred within the families. Is this the kind of independent country my father, meme Nangula’s brother dreamed of? There are so many beautiful things in life that are overshadowed by darkness and only true strength can set one free.


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