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Jana Hamman

Lava Tangerine

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PRESENTED BY : Jana Hamman


R 17,000.00 ex. vat
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Edition Size 1
Medium Tecco BTT270 Archival
Height 120.40 cm
Width 85.60 cm
Artist Jana Hamman
Year 2017

The Synesthesia series seeks to highlight the subtle withdrawal of people into worlds that are easier to live in and that facilitate a culture of hedonism. Whether through narcotics, immersion in social media or the growing industries of virtual and augmented reality, escapism is order of the day. The Synesthesia series is made up of large, colourful digital prints that draw you in and that are simultaneously exciting and hypnotic, a reflection of our need to look away from cold, hard reality and into lives a little more interesting, and our tendency to stay there. Box framed in white with glass.

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