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South African Psycho - A Feminist Gem Hidden in a Load of Trash

Jean Meeran

The Pro

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Digital Video

Duration: 02:41

Part of the series "A Fetishists Guide to South Africa".

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PRESENTED BY : Jean Meeran


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Medium Video
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Artist Jean Meeran

The trash film “The Pro”, was made at the “In Bed with Artists” residency, making art over 24 hours in bed with artist Nico Athene.  "The Pro" is part of a wider project of mine, "A Fetishists Guide to South Africa", which aspires to subvert race and racism, by using erotic fetishisation. Since a fetish is deemed as “never wrong”, it gives room to play with impunity. The project employs film, photography, apparel based art and writing. It is based on creating characters/personas inspired by actual people  - The Girl Next Door, The Drug Addict, The Pro, The Dirty White Girl...