Nadia Raaths-Ettwein-The Boy who Fell to Earth

The Boy who Fell to Earth

Lusanda Mdluli-UThixokazi


Lusanda Mdluli

Untitled - Lusande Mdluli

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Frame None
Edition Size 5
Medium Archival matt photographic print
Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 20
Artist Lusanda Mdluli
Year 2022

UMZIMBA My body of work is an endeavour to understand the relationship between the body & mind/memory, how one’s cultural/religious/social upbringing can influence the way in which they see the themselves and the world. My work deals with my own relationship with my body but also perceptions and notions around the female body, using myself as the subject to grapple with issues of representation. The monochrome feel is a very deliberate way of centralising form. My process includes the layering of images, and a digital double exposure method that visually represents the complicated web of emotions that live between me and my vessel. I employ distortion as a way to suggest this intricate world I wish to speak to and of.


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