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Lynette Diergaardt

Dear Lynette

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Medium Mill Weave Jacquard TC1 Woven
Height (cm) 156
Width (cm) 103
Artist Lynette Diergaardt
Year 2014

'Dear Lynette' formed part of Lynette Diergaardt's solo exhibition 'Remembrance through Cloth' at the National Art Gallery of Namibia in 2016. This artwork, as with many others created by Diergaardt for this body of work as well as later on, embraces the intricacies and almost meditative nature of the weaving process. 'Dear Lynette' pays homage to the artist's brother who passed away in 2013. 

This artwork deals with loss and memory, and our human nature to retain memories or indeed objects related to them. By weaving images of her brother, words of a letter he wrote her and the human heart together, 'Dear Lynette' vividly embodies the objective of 'remembering through cloth'. , 

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