Lynette Diergaardt-Dear Lynette

Dear Lynette

Lynette Diergaardt-Series 4 of 6 Phase 1

Series 4 of 6 Phase 1

Lynette Diergaardt

Martin/ Endurance & Leadership

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R 5,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Worsted Merino with Acrylic Yarn hand dyed, woven on Digital Dobby Loom
Height 20.50 cm
Width 21.00 cm
Artist Lynette Diergaardt
Year 2015

This weaving forms part of the ‘Andikra’ series, inspired by the Adinkra symbols used by the Asante people from Ghana. Adinkra means ‘goodbye’ or ‘farewell’ in Twi. Diergaardt has drawn on this pictorial language to pay tribute to ten individuals who have left a lasting impact in her life. These artworks are made with a Digital Dobby Loom, which is a computerised loom that allows the weaver to design and create digital images which are woven into a tapestry. Diergaardt explains, “each weaving is a testament of my gratitude, love and respect to each individual for the wisdom, love, guidance and leadership, that they have imparted to me”.

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