Lynette Diergaardt-Series 4 of 6 Phase 1

Series 4 of 6 Phase 1

Fillipus Sheehama-Integration


Lynette Diergaardt

Series 2 of 6 Phase 1

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Medium 100% Mercerised Cotton &/or Merino yarn
Height (cm) 28
Width (cm) 9
Artist Lynette Diergaardt
Year 2016

This work forms part of Diergaardts 2017, ‘Experimental Collection'. In these works Diergaardt has put to test “the idea that there is a direct link between the mind and the hand”. Attempting to work spontaneously through her artistic process, this series of hand-weavings showcases the results of an internal reflection by the artist about her own thought process. Prioritising the mechanical process of weaving by hand over more cerebral pre-planning, these artworks are formed out of lines and gestures made “in the moment”. Choosing only the colour of the wool before she starts this hand-weaving technique on a small, handmade loom, the artist allows the nature of the wool and quick decisions to dictate the pattern that emerges.

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