-Don't Judge Me

Don't Judge Me

Malebona Maphutse-Wade in the water (The Plot Thickens)

Wade in the water (The Plot Thickens)

Malebona Maphutse

Kings of Corruption (Biscuit Heads)

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PRESENTED BY : Malebona Maphutse


R 18,000.00 ex. vat
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Medium Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas
Height 146.00 cm
Width 110.00 cm
Artist Malebona Maphutse
Year 2020

This is an artwork I started during my time in Brussels and it was looking at my experience in Belgium. The work is focussed on a look into Belgium's colonial history thus introspecting Belgium's relationship with their former colony especially after visiting The Royal Museum for Central Africa or RMCA which was built to showcase King Leopold II's Congo Free State in the 1897 World Exhibition. France was one of the 27 participating countries in this exhibition. Coming from South Africa which has it's own colonial history which is equally connected to the celebratory colonial exhibitions that sort to display European colonial conquests and "discoveries". The painting is focussed on looking at a character within the Mamoloyi Universe referred to as Biscuit Head. Biscuit Head is a character with many faces. He comes in the form of members of colonial monarchies, army generals, and an evil force.


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