Kings of Corruption (Biscuit Heads)



Malebona Maphutse

Wade in the water (The Plot Thickens)

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PRESENTED BY : Malebona Maphutse


More Information
Medium Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
Height (cm) 146
Width (cm) 110
Artist Malebona Maphutse
Year Created 2020


This artwork is part of a series of paintings with flags as backgrounds completed during my travels to Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Johannesburg, and France. The background colours represent the Apartheid flag separating the composition into three sections. The first section in orange represents the labor that black people/black South Africans have endured to build several empires under British and later Dutch Afrikaner rule during apartheid. This work is meant to set the scene for one of Mamoloyi's future battles. The second section is the white section in which we see Lebo Mathosa a character that is part of the Mamoloyi Universe is seen in the middle with her yellow illuminating skin raising a pink lightsaber to symbolise the fight that is about to ensue between herself, Queen Modjadji, and Queen Victoria. We see Apartheid leaders in the last section plotting without the slightest clue of the punishing blows to come.