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Ntate Phakela

Mansau Highway

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PRESENTED BY : Ntate Phakela


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Frame None
Medium Fine Art Print
Height (cm) 84.1
Width (cm) 118.8
Artist Ntate Phakela
Year Created 2022

Mansau Highway by Ntate Phakela

Print on Ilford Galerie FineArt Textured Silk 


Tatenda, Msasa, and I travel down the Mansau Highway every Sunday to the park near the dam. This park is where we love to send our time. Our father bought us these bicycles on Christmas 3 years ago and my sisters and I use them to get to school and to travel around town. Tatenda always cycles in front. She likes leading us. She also knows this city better than all of us. She tries to take a different route everyday. It makes the rides a bit exciting. I always wear my purple dress when we go to the park. My mother always says “Anaishe, that dress knows the park better than me”…haha…I like it a lot, Msasa gave it to me.