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The Past is Always Present

Mbali Tshabalala

A Look Within

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Medium Mixed media hand print
Height (cm) 42
Width (cm) 30
Artist Mbali Tshabalala
Year Created 2020

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‘My artistic practice is an on-going interrogation of ideals around mental health in black societies particularly in black women. Although faced with many prejudicial societal issues that stem from racism, and sexism. Black women are often expected to be of limitless resilience, tenacity and to embody ‘The Strong Black Woman’ persona. As a black woman facing depression and anxiety I have struggled reconciling the feeling of being ‘weak’ or ‘crazy’ with the genuine need to seek professional mental health. This is further stigmatised by cultural and religious beliefs that assert misconceptions and contribute to uninformed notions and superstitions such as, ‘black people don’t get depressed. or ‘mental illness is a symptom of bewitchment or privilege’

My work seeks to debunk these ideals and to free myself from the superwoman syndrome. Vulnerability can be strength and a symbol of courage. Strong black women are allowed to be depressed too and self-care is not weakness’. 

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