Fluidity I


Ndikhangela Wena

Mzwanele Tshishonga

`Fluidity II'

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PRESENTED BY : Madlozi Art Gallery


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Medium Archival print
Height (cm) 84.1
Width (cm) 59.4
Artist Mzwanele Tshishonga
Year Created 2020

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Defying notions of 'normativity' and gender typecasting the artist and photographer defies and resists the societal constraints that inform the viewing and depiction of women's bodies from a male and a heteronormative gaze. Their work centralises and literally frees the Black female body to narrate and determine its own visibility, the bodies in full and joyful, defiant expression of self, identity and sexuality expressed as choice, assertively. My work is an attempt to investigate and explore notions of the “unseen” and perhaps how it is manifested through ideals, practices, congregating, cultural and oratory perspectives. I work primarily through image making, creating photographs of spaces, and people. The use of film also is something I am more deliberate about now more than ever, working with materials and substances I have found adds another layer to the work, informs an approach, but also can influence the results beyond my areas of control. My photographs seek to explore the formless manifested through form, sometimes not as solid as we know the world to be. Through the use of techniques like long exposures, I am trying to hint at the permeability I see in the world, and sometimes just studies of texture in spaces revered by some, following beings who are guided by dreams to explore a world not bound by physical limitations. 

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