Garth Meyer-Gabon II

Gabon II

Natasha Evans-Does anyone care?

Does anyone care?

Natasha Evans


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PRESENTED BY : Natasha Evans


R 22,183.00 ex. vat
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Medium Unknown
Height 167.00 cm
Width 104.00 cm
Artist Natasha Evans
Year 2019

Photographed and digitally collaged images of vacant advertising billboards  that had remnants of paper, paint and rusted surfaces.  The idea that we are fed and consume so much information on a daily basis using today's technology, lead me to needing moments of pause, space for creativity and room to imagine.  The abstract image allows for this.  Where torn off layers and unintended texture and detail remained, I took the opportunity to elaborate on these found compositions by adding layers of textile, pigment and mark making to evoke a sense of layered time.

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