Self Love


Beams of Reality (II)

Natnael Ashebir

Screen Contemplation 05

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Medium Digital print on canvas
Height (cm) 50
Width (cm) 50
Artist Natnael Ashebir

Price in Dollars: $600

About the work

Phones are extensions of our body always tempting us we search, follow, update, gather and build community. Social media are among our chances to create and shape our sense of self. The phone gives me different layers of images and forms I contemplate through urbanization, nostalgic memory, and the intimacy of nature. I try to not have a clear vision of what I want to do and what ideas. I start with a very vague understanding of what I want to do and the process allows me where it will. I have been taking portrait photographs, street photography, and collecting images from different places for a long time and I have been focusing on the image structure that is being created story. There is a meditation on image selection. This is when the image in the mind is pushed in and the idea that it carries becomes more and more complex. Portraits, street photography, and historical moments. These are not without history because they show space and time. The cycle of human existence is not static but surrounded by matter.
This material is used for the fulfillment of dreams and as a measure of faith. through the attempt to explore the intricate relationship of these forms bear do often manifests their ability to isolate us from some aspect of existence and at times to bring us together and in liquidating us with the various integral aspects of our very existence in the urban context