Onyis Martin-Talking Walls 19

Talking Walls 19

Nomvula Hoko-Ngalizwa izwi labo

Ngalizwa izwi labo

Nomvula Hoko

Ungangi fulatheli

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PRESENTED BY : Nomvula Millicent Hoko


R 6,500.00 ex. vat
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Medium C print from digital file
Height 100.00 cm
Width 70.00 cm
Artist Nomvula Hoko
Year 2019

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"I want my art not only to shape what we become but also how we become. I am a woman in process. I delight in the poetry of life that takes its form from the lines of life, that twists and extends impossibly. It spits and drips and as sweet and wild as life itself. Part of my process its playing with depth, foreground, pattern and emotion. The artwork: "Ungangi fulatheli " is from this beautiful series of conceptual photographs exploring the body in relationship with spirit, motion in contrast to stillness. The work invites the audience to examine the relationship with their assigned genders in their bodies, but also to reflect on the nature of `self' as a deep-seated marker of inner being and spirit. The artist draws her spiritual faith into the narrative in her work and reflects on this dynamic in her .`I see spirituality as part of my prayer and faith because is the only way to keep the connection between me and them. Using photography as interpretation to make an objective understanding through their clothes and body gestures about the consciousness of their energy with me and my cultural believe.

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