Unaddressed, Unspoken, As If It Never Happened or Blue skies

Paul Emmanuel

Parade of Shadows

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PRESENTED BY : Paul Emmanuel


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Frame None
Edition Size 35
Medium Manière noire stone lithograph (Edition 35), hand printed, hand coloured, signed, numbered and dated by the artist, Black lithographic ink and watercolour pigment on 285 gsm Fabriano Rosaspina Avorio paper
Height (cm) 81
Width (cm) 158
Artist Paul Emmanuel
Year Created 2009

This lithograph, one of a suite of five, comprises Emmanuel's Transitions Multiples series. This suite of lithographs was first exhibited on 8 September 2011 at the Goya Contemporary Gallery, Baltimore, USA  and then as the Featured Artist Special Project for the FNB Joburg Art Fair of the same year.

Emmanuel started working on the five large-scale hand coloured lithographs in 2009, drawing on concepts embedded in and debates emanating from his previous richly layered Transitions drawings (Spier Collection), expanding and intensifying his focus on the liminal aspects of selected transitory stages of manhood. He explores shifting male identities in a post-colonial society by examining the rituals and rites of passage that mark the passing of one life phase into another, or more specifically, the spaces between these transitions.

The lithographs were printed in Emmanuel’s Johannesburg studio on a press imported from Takach Press Corporation, New Mexico, USA. Working on a large flat limestone coated with a layer of black ink, he used the subtractive manière noire (“black method”) printmaking technique to create the images, scratching into the black ink ground with a blade, methodically working from dark to light, and hand colouring them afterwards. Each of the five lithographs is made up of a sequence of three images, printed separately and then glued together with archival glue to form a triptych.

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