Sandi Kuper-Transparent Lives

Transparent Lives

Sandi Kuper-Throwaway People

Throwaway People

Sandi Kuper

Lives vs Livelihoods

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PRESENTED BY : Sandi Kuper


R 9,500.00 ex. vat
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Medium Drypoint, watercolour on cotton masks
Height 108.00 cm
Width 81.00 cm
Artist Sandi Kuper
Year 2020

Lives vs Livelihoods

As the chilling fear of Covid19 takes a grip globally, National Command Centers around the world take control of their states trying to ring fence and trap the virus by shutting down their economies, hoping to stop it’s deadly spread. 

This piece is thus a double entendre as man ringfences nature (the virus portrayed by the mass of replication and mutation within) and invention (the economy portrayed by the mass of gimmicky freebies within ) in a quest to control mankind’s destiny. Complexity exists in the layering with a graphic representation of the resulting conundrum of lives vs livelihoods as both are suffocated. The resultant despair is apparent

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