Sandi Kuper-Lives vs Livelihoods

Lives vs Livelihoods

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Sandi Kuper

Throwaway People

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PRESENTED BY : Sandi Kuper


R 7,500.00 ex. vat
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Medium Drypoint on masks, handmade motheaten paper
Height 100.00 cm
Width 75.00 cm
Artist Sandi Kuper
Year 2019

Throwaway People. 

Disintergrated, Forgotten. Dislocated. Moth-eaten by life. Thrown away. This piece was made profoundly more poignant by its moth-eaten fabric of its existence. Intricate print on safety masks juxtapositioned upon used-up moth-eaten  paper.

Unidentified Lives washed up by the storm of life. Weathered and beaten. 

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