Tshepiso Moropa-Where Do You Draw The Line? II

Where Do You Draw The Line? II

Tshepiso Moropa-Ka Mmanete

Ka Mmanete

Tshepiso Moropa

Save Me and I’ll Be Saved

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PRESENTED BY : Tshepiso Moropa


R 9,650.00 ex. vat
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Frame None
Medium Digital Collage
Height 84.10 cm
Width 59.40 cm
Artist Tshepiso Moropa
Year 2022

Inspired by the Baroque art form of the 17th century, Tshepiso Moropa’s new analog collages depict the stages of the healing process. Like Baroque, a broad phrase that refers to complex features and elaborate sceneries, the work’s major objective, as evidenced by the details, is to appeal to human emotions through drama and exaggeration. The work is characterised by the use of complicated forms, bold ornamentation and the juxtaposition of contrasting materials to give a feeling of drama, movement and tension. It is Tshepiso’s most personal and expressive work, illustrating her discomfort and uneasiness while reconciling with past experiences during the healing period. Though it depicts the debilitating process, it also champions the narrative of how freeing and peaceful the process can be. Through pain and tenderness comes healing. 

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