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Segun Aiyesan

Where Are The Beautiful Ones?

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PRESENTED BY : Madlozi Art Gallery


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Medium Acrylic on canvas
Height (cm) 120
Width (cm) 120
Artist Segun Aiyesan
Year Created 2019

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`Where Are The Beautiful Ones?' is a painting by Nigerian artist Segun Aiyesan from the `Women of Colour' series. 

 In the work the artist expresses an appreciation of the form and essence of female-identifying bodies represented subjectively - their inter-connectedness and the complexity of race, gender and sexual identity.

The work strongly address patriarchal notions and stereotypes, expectations even, of what beauty represents and the damaging impact this expectation has on the `self' within but also in women's desire to express commercially-driven, misogynistic prescriptions of `beauty'. The artist points to the inherent danger and problematic nature of this phenomenon, and questions it. This work also depicts the destructive forces of war as a thief of identity and destiny for women. Generations are wasted and whole society is laid desolate by conflicts arising from the failure of leadership and direction by men of ego-driven agendas. The artist also attempts to highlight  beauty in a heterogeneous society, where differences in our bodies and skin tones and genders are cast as strengths, and not suspicious affronts. The bigger series explores all of these themes and also how confluence with society, and unity is viewed as a tool for the survival of the human race.

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