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Sharlene Khan

The Hole

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Medium Video
Artist Sharlene Khan
Year Created 2011

The Hole (2011)

Digital Colour Video with Sound

Running Time: 00:02:24

The Hole (2002) was written in a moment of anger and despair watching TV one day. It was just a coincidental switching of channels as I moved between music videos reducing women to available hoes, to parliamentarians (mainly men) debating women’s reproductive rights and what’s best for women, to a religious sermon on women’s immorality. The constant surveillance under which women’s bodies are placed – and regulated – is a history of disturbing predatory and slave ownership behaviour that has resulted in the greatest genocide the world has seen. How then to reconcile this against what we know of senses of self, of other women what we have done, but also the endless possibilities of all that we could become?