October 30, 2020 - November 30, 2020


How do we re-occupy our bodies, public, professional, media and political spaces while holding space for each other and the collective as womxn? ‘EMBODYING HIR-SELF’ is a curated exhibition and ongoing cultural intervention for and by artists boldly exploring the autonomous expression of 'self'. The works and narrative explore representation and visibility through various artistic practices, centralising being female as a complex, diverse and fabulous choice. Artists portray notions of self, the body and sexual identity in private and public spaces and go beyond gender conformity and media reductivism. The exhibition invites us to assume the female gaze and to confidently reclaim and occupy our bodies, io embody our spirits. Presented by Latitudes Online in partnership with Madlozi Art Africa, the exhibition is curated by Beathur Mgoza Baker who invited contemporary artists, filmmakers and poets to submit work that goes beyond traditional notions of gender, the male gaze, and the undermining reach of patriarchy. At a time when rampant femicide and a virulent virus threatens our very survival, `Embodying Hir Self' intimately narrates and positively affirms our right to be here and to belong - on our own terms.