Sibusiso Gcaba: K'se Goli La (This is Joburg)

An introduction by the artist:

"Kse'Goli la" is a Zulu phrase used in Johannesburg usually to highlight it's dangers or to caution the next person of the complexity of the space. The series explores Johannesburg as a no man's land. Re-imagining the city that raised me, and trying to create a bridge between it's reputation and my own experience through imagination. It is a curated contradiction that accepts and denies Joburg's ill repute. In a place where everyone is on the move to get their own, and space and resources are limited, the environment tends to get hostile and you are forced to move swiftly to find your way or be absorbed by the chaos. But I'm still fascinated about the moments between her breaths.

With this body of work I attempt to imply the tension, anonymity and the disconnection amongst its people. My approach is inspired by cinema and traditional street photography. I believe it is an important archive for the city of Johannesburg. Created from 2017- 2020."

Sincere thanks to Michelle Loukidis and Michelle Harris from Through The Lense for their generous mentorship during the development of this body of work. 

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