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Comfortable Stress

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PRESENTED BY : Madlozi Art Gallery


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Medium Acrylic Paint, Soft Pastel and Charcoal on Canvas.
Height (cm) 170
Width (cm) 130
Artist Skubalisto
Year Created 2019

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`Comfortable Stress' - Embracing the intersectional struggles and psychological hardships of women in the contemporary context - professionally and personally. The painter, multimedia and street artist SKUBALISTO wanted to reflect the mounting daily stress women experience in their lives as they navigate societal nd family pressures to be aligned with the expectations of a world designed for the comfort of men. As an artist Skubalisto is passionate about representing diverse realities across the diaspora, more especially young people and women.The artist's reflection on the work is as follows: 'Comfortable Stress', 2020 `This piece speaks to the need to return to the dignity and pride of our innermost selves as advocated by our cultural identities and origins. We have allowed and reached a point where we have instead normalized a form of psychosis in the lives we lead, lives that have disconnected us from within. Life in the city does not provide the right conditions for us to fully thrive. Isolation, competition, greed, depression and materialism. We are programmed to invite stress into our lives in the form of accumulating debt, consumerism, unrealistic expectations - Western ideas of what success and happiness represent. In the quest for success we have detached from our own customs and traditions that are fundamental to our knowledge of self, and any chance of true happiness. The figure in my painting is the embodiment of `isintu', she represents the wealth of our inheritance and the tenacity of the human spirit - our strength and pride. She is symbolic of our ability not to loose sense of self, even in the most extreme conditions.