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Ungangi fulatheli

Sma Rajoale Kumalo

Untitled V

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PRESENTED BY : Madlozi Art Gallery


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Medium Chromogenic print mounted under Diasec
Height (cm) 140
Width (cm) 110
Artist Sma Rajoale Kumalo
Year Created 2018

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`We Closed Our Eyes and Prayed' is a body of work that is underpinned by multiple layers of intersecting impositions. It is with the conditions of these confrontations and struggles that the black queer body finds itself in a perpetual subjugated state apparatus.  Having to find ones agency in this miasmic social systems that deems it jejune, proves to be challenging in my township community. The black queer body finds an alternative postmodernism in which resistance against and critique of the social status quo are redefined outside the traditions of “high art” and preoccupations of historical avant-gardes. Adopting Derrida’s deconstruction of language as means to understand one's existence as non-coincidence, nonentity or within a social construct that is hegemonic in nature. Subversion and destabilization is at the core of the strategic thinking and underlines the basic tenets of the artistic process used. What is deemed to have aesthetic value can no longer be seen as emanating from the canons of all those who are privileged but as set of the under commons who’s agency and signifying processes gain power. Their supplications must be felt and heard.

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