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Swarup Dutta

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Medium 3D CGI, digital print on archival paper
Height (cm) 84
Width (cm) 59
Artist Swarup Dutta
Year Created 2019

`Armour of Weakness' - The Representation, Inclusivity / Reclamation Series

Defiantly Blurring Stereotypical Gender Lines & Inviting Innovative Entry Points for Societal Discourse.

The bodies in artist and photographer Swarup Dutta's works are androgynous and can be anything they like as they slip in and out of the shadows, their six inch heels, and lurch toward the freedom of not having to choose 'male's `female'- something the artist expertly depicts and plays with.

The act of standing in your body being the gender you want is perforative as you may have too few options to choose from! The series: `Armour of Weakness' allows us to wonder in an experiential manner using photography and performance so we can vicariously enter and try out new gender roles and identities. 

The unique bamboo and wire frames and costumes his he conceived and works create strong shapes in his silhoettes. They were conceived by the artist and re-interpreted by a group of artisans and the result was complete flow.

“I think we all are a bit of both male and female. The bodies don’t conform to type, shape and size. Issues of identity are leading to conflicts across the globe. It’s time we address these questions of identity and the problems surrounding it, be it sexual, social, political or religious, I want the mass, the very ordinary man to see my works. I want each of us to think and that’s the aim of art in any society,”

Background + Context

Artist Swarup Dutta is a multidisciplinary art and design practitioner, educator, photographer, scenographer from Kolkata, India but working professionally worldwide.

He holds a masters degree in the field of Fashion & Textiles from Nottingham Trent University. His passion for education and academic excellence, not only got him to undertake responsibility of heading the Fashion & Textiles Design Department at NIFT (Kolkata), but also got him to become internal design consultant to the organisation, imparting design and skill development training to more than 5000 grassroots artists in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal, over a period of three years.

He took responsibility as Dean of Academics at Indian Institute of Crafts & Design, where he has shaped the framework of teaching and learning of traditional craft techniques, and making them relevant in today’s day and age. He has personally undertaken projects, wherein he has developed strategies to revive various languishing craft cultures.

He is a heritage enthusiast, actively involved in restoration of old houses in Kolkata, the city he lives in. He had envisaged various projects where old quiet houses have been restored and repurposed for various adaptive uses.

His initial training was in the field of fashion; however, indigenous folk art and craft caught his attention and he has been actively collaborating with various folk and urban craft practitioners for his projects ever since.

Swarup’s interdisciplinary approach to design, has led him to his Scenography practice, wherein he creates unique sensory experiences. Over the past 4 years, he has created events Nationally; moulding perceptions of public spaces within various cities by hosting site specific art & design related installations in such spaces. The India Story : an annual event celebration Indian art, design, crafts, music and culinary practices, which completed its fifth edition this year has been conceptulised and curated by him.

His desire to express himself has taken him to different mediums, from scenography to styling, graphics to interiors, crafts to clothes. But photography still remains his primary passion wherein he is challenging the boundaries of image-making in India. His latest exibition,‘Kaw’ was appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

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