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Garden Shade

Garden Shade

A fair amount of fumbling

A fair amount of fumbling

Diane Victor

Taken for a Ride

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Edition Size 10
Height (cm) 108
Width (cm) 77
Artist Diane Victor

Manière noir stone lithograph

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PRESENTED BY : Atelier Le Grand Village


R 40,000.00 ex. vat
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This work is a parody on the post-colonial safari and on the institution of the grand tour, a well-established social ritual for the wealthy to make excursions into the unknown, to escape their ennui and inform themselves of the ‘other’ in its natural state.  To be taken for a ride implies being conned or deceived, not fully understanding a situation you are part of. It implies believing one is the rider in a position of control, but when the legs underneath are revealed, the situation is not what it was perceived to be.

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