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Shakil Solanki-Blindfold | Scarf

Blindfold | Scarf

Tamara Osso


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PRESENTED BY : Tamara Osso


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Frame White box frame
Edition Size 0
Medium Ink, acrylic and oil paint on canvas
Height 192.00 cm
Width 133.00 cm
Artist Tamara Osso
Year 2020

Impasse is a state where you are blocked, and no further progress can be foreseen. This painting, however, is about that moment when imagination and reality open that blockage and your seemingly impossible situation becomes an adventure. It’s about how creativity can always find a way to problem solve. In this moment, in my painting, we (my son and I) began to play and connect. The immediate space around us became electric and we began to imagine something different. Better.

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