Michael Enejison-Triumph of memory I

Triumph of memory I

Gerald Chukwuma-The Encounter

The Encounter

Tamara Osso

Running on the Verge

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PRESENTED BY : Tamara Osso


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Frame Moranti wood frame
Edition Size 0
Medium Ink, acrylic and oil paint on canvas
Height 200.00 cm
Width 120.00 cm
Artist Tamara Osso
Year 2021

Every day I run. It is a ritual. I take my rings off before I run. I wear a cap so that I may appear

neutral. I like to be out on the verge. I take notice of the type of plants around the houses, different wall textures and various pedestrians enroute. I mostly wonder who live behind the gates. I have to concentrate because the road is everchanging and mostly uneven. I greet everybody as I run past. I do this so that I both see and hear them… just in case.


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