-Every Interaction Interrupts the Future | Long

Every Interaction Interrupts the Future | Long

-Territories. Planted Territories. Natural Territories. Environmental Territories. Do they grow.

Territories. Planted Territories. Natural Territories. Environmental Territories. Do they grow.

Territories. Sky. Flight Territories. Night Territories. Sky Territories. Clouded Territories. It’s part breath.

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PRESENTED BY : Kim Lieberman


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Medium Silk handmade Chaotic Ground lace
Height (cm) 32
Width (cm) 50
Year 2020

Medium: Argentine Peso | Australian Dollar | Botswana Pula | Brazilian Reais | CFA Franc | Chilean Peso | Chinese Yuan | Egyptian Pound | Ethiopian Birr | Euro  | Hong Kong Dollar | Hungarian Forint | Greek Drachma | Indian Rupee | Israeli Shekel  | Japanese Yen | Kenyan Shilling | Malagasy Ariary  | Malaysian Ringgit | Mauritian Rupee | Moroccan Dirhams | Mozambican Metical | Myanmar Kyat | Portuguese Escudo | Romanian Leu | Rwandan Franc | Scottish Pounds Sterling | South African Rand  | Swedish Krona | Thai Baht | United Arab Emirates Dirhams | United States Dollar | Zambian Kwacha

Territories | Sky

Flight Territories

Night Territories

Clouded Territories 

It’s part breath.

comes from a series of works that deal with territories. Territories are a human construct. Implying an edge, a space where you cross a border to another space. These works refer to different kind of territories - be they the usual that exist on maps - political, geographic, economic, or the territories of emotion, wisdom, sense. The work pins lace and money into close proximity, visually and conceptually. The lace, provides a structure, holding currency from disparate places. Six continents. I sought to find images of sky from around the world, on banknotes. Some are literal – a bird flying through the sky, or images of clouds, while others are more abstract and only indicate sky. The weave of lace is the weave of the human dynamic. We are not entirely separate from each other, the information that flows between us is a constant influence and impact ensuring the human experience through both history and geography is a continued pull of threads. Using Chaotic Ground (or Wild Ground) provokes this concept – we can be close knit or far afield yet we are still in the flux of the weave.

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