Gina Waldman-Pastoral


-Falling Lines

Falling Lines

Touchless Society

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PRESENTED BY : Thomarts Gallery


R 105,800.00 ex. vat
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Medium Mixed Media on Paper
Height 185.00 cm
Width 150.00 cm
Year 2020

This piece focuses on how we have become of age and how covid 19 in 2020 has catapulted the  whole world to be more technological than before. However within the shadows and lurking behind the scenes, the artist looks at the apocalyptic prophesies of individuals becoming marked or bar coded to be able to buy or sell. To some this is a welcome advancement of technology that will make life easier than carrying bank cards, IDs, reward cards etcetera.Yet the Spiritually discerning foresee it as an evil system that will usher in the day of Jacob's trouble or tribulation.  

The artist also looks at the nuances of obscurity in high places and the  sworn to silence of many people for personal gain. However the looseness of the artist's renderings allows his audience to explore his works further. One aspect that the artist does not lack in his works is that subtle touch of beauty that graces the work, not decorative, but a personal statement.

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