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indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili (Ask Those Who Have Gone Before)

indlela ibuzwa kwabaphambili (Ask Those Who Have Gone Before)

Tshepiso Moropa

`Her Shrine'

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Medium Digital collage
Height (cm) 44
Width (cm) 31
Artist Tshepiso Moropa
Year Created 2020
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PRESENTED BY : Madlozi Art Gallery


R 6,500.00 ex. vat
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`Her Shrine' is an ode to the feminine sanctity within every woman away from the binaries of gender and the cumbersome expectations of the male gaze which deems itself the custodian of `good' over `evil' when it comes to women's bodies and psyches.

The work is also a call by the artist to safeguard the feminine within - whatever that is representative of. The artist Tshepiso Moropa's lyrical new series `The Memory of Me In Her' 2020 is an exploration of the complex layers of feminine identity and its shades from dark to light. 

The artist explores what lies behind the veil of obscured representations of women when viewed through the lens of patriarchy - free women with their contradictions and duality in full view and wholly embraced and celebrated.