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These Walls

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Tusevo Landu

"Black Like The Depth Of My Africa" Ode to Langston Hughes

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PRESENTED BY : Tusevo Landu


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Medium etching print, collage on Fabriano
Height (cm) 39
Width (cm) 37
Artist Tusevo Landu
Year 2019

Black Like The Depth Of My Africa 

The title of this work is extracted from Langston Hughes' poem  called "Negro" in this poem Hughes was explored the concept of Identity by telling us who we are, what we have been through, going through and what have contributed, still contributing as the people of the dark continent.  In this work i have illustrates the idea of africa as one nation, the lines in the art represents interconnected , interdependent relationship, we have as the people of Africa, that we all go through the same struggle regardless which part of the land we live in. The work aim is to give a sense of an African Pride with no boundaries 

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