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PRESENTED BY : Tusevo Landu


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Medium Acrylic, charcoal, collage on Fabriano
Height (cm) 70
Width (cm) 50
Artist Tusevo Landu
Year 2020

Title: Nowhere 2 

Work Description 

This work was inspired by the Xenophobic Outbreak that happened last year and in the previous years in South Africa, especially in the  city of Johannesburg which is the mixed bag of different identity 

During the Xenophobic Violence certain Foreign nationals were attacked, killed, their jobs were looted and closed and mostly fear displaced because of fear. Foreign Nationals are scapedgoated  and blamed for economic insecurity, crime, being accused for stealing jobs, women, spreading diseases and selling counterfeit goods in South Africa. Police would storm certain Foreign nationals  Shops suspected of selling counterfeit goods with the goal of destroying and removing such goods from the markets. And later on the police would sell the same confiscated  goods back to them 

and all these are the results of what the South African government failed to do for its citizens 

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